1. Whole

From the recording How You Feel

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Written By Chris Wold
Chris Wold - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Jon Mark Lundell - Bass, Vocals, Ukelele, Percussion
Chad Collins - Drums

Recorded at Absolute Recording Studios, Bakos Amp Works and The Bates Motel
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Thompson
Produced by Chris Wold, Jon Mark Lundell and Aaron Thompson
Horn and String Arrangements by Chris Wold and Aaron Thompson
Published by Clarkie & Wing Music, BMI
Tycam Records 2017
All Rights Reserved.


I was searching for an answer or
Someone just to get me by
I was wondering about my lonely days to come
It felt fine to resign

Unexpected - a little hard to believe
Questions everything I’ve know
Disconcerting - something’s pulling at me
To take the plunge and just let go

What is this - What is this I feel


When I finally - finally opened up my eyes
To the threat of something real
It was then I felt some possibility
There was no one more surprised

What if I - What if I could be


No more desolation
I say come what may
Bent on destruction of how I’ve been all along my way

Looking back I see the lonely one
With no idea of who’s to come
Never thought I’d love or I would be
At my most at this half life

Never have I ever felt so