1. Insane

From the recording How You Feel

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Written By Chris Wold
Chris Wold - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Jon Mark Lundell - Bass, Vocals, Ukelele, Percussion
Chad Collins - Drums

Recorded at Absolute Recording Studios, Bakos Amp Works and The Bates Motel
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Thompson
Produced by Chris Wold, Jon Mark Lundell and Aaron Thompson
Horn and String Arrangements by Chris Wold and Aaron Thompson
Published by Clarkie & Wing Music, BMI
Tycam Records 2017
All Rights Reserved.


I’m tired of feeling so dumb
I can’t get you out of my brain
I’m coming un- coming undone

I’m tired of feeling so flu
Call me the ball on your change
I’m coming un- coming unglued

Hey - I’m insane
Hey - you’re to blame

I dream about being with you
I wonder why I’m craving this pain
I love you ’til my face turns blue

Hey - I’m insane
Hey - you’re to blame

I would never have it any other way
I will stand here ’til you know what to do
Do you know how insanity feels
Take a good look at me then you will see
How crazy can be